Decoration Depositor(Vertical)

Chocolate Depositor

Decoration Depositor(Vertical)
Chocolate Depositor Series
No. Product Running Speed Power  Weight Dimension
B1 Servo Depositor ≤15 mould/min 5.8 Kw 230.0 Kg 1.5m*1.2m*1.8m
B2 One Shot
≤12 mould/min 7.6 Kw 250.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.8m
B3 One Shot Depositor(Horizontal) ≤12 mould/min 7.6 Kw 250.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.8m
B4 Decoration
≤12 mould/min 7.6 Kw 250.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.8m
B5 Decoration
≤12 mould/min 7.6 Kw 250.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.8m
B6 Large Capacity
One Shot Depositor(Vertical)
≤24 mould/min 11.6 Kw 350.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.8m
B7 Large Capacity
One Shot Depositor(Horizontal)
≤24 mould/min 11.6 Kw 350.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.8m
B8 Mixture System & Depositor ≤8 mould/min 9.0 Kw 245.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.7m
B9 Aerating Depositor ≤12 mould/min 3.0 Kw 230.0 Kg 1.5m*1.25m*1.9m


Equipment Overview

This Decoration Depositor has strong decoration function and is also compatible with the filling function. Double-color decoration of equipment is very easy with advantages of high efficiency, good quality, low energy consumption and small loss. Its power consumption is only 50% of similar machine, and the paste loss is only 25% of similar machine.

Equipment Description:

Decoration DepositorType:SJ-48QC

 Piston mode: Horizontal;

  Decoration precision: 0.05g;

  Quantity: One color ≤48pcs, two colors ≤24pcs;

  Servo system: Filling system and decoration system with five-axis servo linkage;

  Energy saving and environmentally friendly: Patent structure design is adopted, energy saving and environmentally friendly effect can achieve more than 50%;

  Piston: 48 sets;

  Hopper feature: Easy to clean and change materials;

  Operating system: Friendly and instructive interface is easy for learning and operating;

  Heat preservation: Good heat preservation is available for the hopper and depositing plate;

  Replacement of decorating plate: Easy replacement and low use cost;

  Filling function: It is compatible with the filling function, easy change over between decoration and filling function. 

hot key:high quality
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