How does g&d's chocolate machinery improve the efficiency and quality of chocolate?

How does g&d's chocolate machinery improve the efficiency and quality of chocolate?
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1.Common pain points in chocolate production

Are you into making chocolates? Why is the output always low? And would you like to improve or expand your chocolate production? For example, have you considered producing your own chocolate or compound? Can you refine your chocolate so that it will taste even better? Asked what chocolate is not popular?How are you enrobing your cookies? Is your chocolate moulding process efficient and hygienic? Is it a waste of chocolate energy production? ?Can you benefit from filling your chocolates using one-shot technology?

• ​​High cost
A chocolate production line in Europe is over $1 million.How many customers are discouraged and wipe out most of the hope.How many customers in the world can naturally say that I can make such a million transactions?

​​ Long time

It takes a lot of time to deploy the production line. At the stage of deploying the production line, too many suppliers are on the verge of bankruptcy.You need a professional to constantly debug your device. Convenient for normal use of future production lines.

​​ After sales question

The age of the chocolate device is too short. And the equipment is maintained too often, so it costs a lot of money.High equipment maintenance costs are unwilling to be seen by every customer.

​​ Single style

The production of chocolate styles is too singular and does not necessarily have a market. Today's chocolate market is diversified and branded.If you can't make a variety of chocolates, your competitiveness will be reduced.

• ​​Hygiene issue

The hygiene problems of chocolate equipment are difficult to deal with. Basically, production is carried out in factories and other places, and environmental sanitation is very important.

• ​​Complex procurement process

The purchase of chocolate equipment is complicated, and the equipment required for different production lines is different, often not complete.

2.g&d changes to these issues


Select your chocolate machinery and equipment.Our range of equipment covers everything from cold-pressing machine to energy saving ball mill solutions, multifunction chocolate line, one-shot or traditional shell moulding and more. We can help you improve your production of chocolate enrobed bars, biscuits and candy. But we can also help you produce chocolate tablets, chocolate hollow figures and chocolate pralines. Or cookies with enrobed centers?



​​ Cost

As an excellent equipment supplier, our products are of good quality and high technical level, and the price is only 100,000 US dollars, far lower than that of European and American countries.We have years of experience in equipment supply and can save a lot of time for our customers to deploy production lines.


​​ Quality and after sales

The length of use of chocolate equipment is affected by the quality and maintenance of the equipment. Our products are very popular among brands such as Hershey China, and technicians often go to the site for repairs. Even if customers are urgent, we will provide assistance through remote service.


​​ Diverse styles

Have us there, don't worry about the style . We have a versatile mixing line that can do what you need.There are only unexpected styles, no products that can't be made.

​​ Fully equipped

How many devices are on one production line? How many production lines can different equipment match? Reach the customer's desired production line with the required chocolate equipment components. It is difficult for many suppliers to achieve such comprehensiveness, and customers can only continue to assemble equipment from different manufacturers onto the production line. We are different and have the ability and confidence to make the right choice for our customers.Use our products to create the perfect choice for you.
Depending on your desired output you may benefit from semi-automatic to fully automatic solutions. The large production capacity of One Shot production line is designed to meet the maximum 3 tons per hour of chocolate production needs, which makes g & d have more programs to provide users with different production capacities of chocolate production line.Browse some of our solutions , give us a call so that we can discuss in person!

Details of the production process

Have good machinery and does not mean success.Please consider the following details:

​​ Workshop Conditions

The temperature and humidity of the workshop are important conditions for chocolate production, the typical chocolate workshop temperature is 18℃~22℃ and humidity is below 50%.
The user may decide whether to install air conditioner and dehumidifier according to the regional climate and workshop conditions, so as to get temperature and humidity required by chocolate production.
If workshop of raw materials is near the production line, the user is recommended to separate the whole production line to ensure the stability of control of temperature and humidity.

​​ The Filling Materials

Fineness of chocolate shell must be less than 30um and filtered uniformly without impurities. Maltodextrin, starch and other compounds shall not be filled into materials, so as to ensure normal operation of the piston system.
Fineness of filling material of chocolate shall be less than 30um. No granule and water shall be contained. Specific gravity of chocolate shall be closer to chocolate, so that the filling material will not float or sink.

• ​​Decoration Materials

Fineness of decoration materials shall be less than 25um, the materials shall be filtered to remove all impurities before entering the hopper of the decoration depositor. No significant sediment is required after a stop for 24 hours.

• ​​Mixed Material

Almost no requirement is made on chocolate paste of mixed products. The mixed granules shall be crisp and hard granules (e.g. nuts, dried fruits, crispy rice) with diameter of less than 12mm.
The mixture depositor shall be applicable soft granules such as raisins with diameter of less than 6mm, otherwise it will not work properly. The risk of product shelf life shall be considered if the user selects dried fruits with high moisture content.

• ​​Electricity & Compressed Air

The user shall inform the power standard applicable in the user’s country in advance, so that electrical components applicable for local power standard will be provided for equipment to avoid any unnecessary delay or loss. If electrical accessories are required, the user’s electric power standard is also required to indicated to avoid any accidental damage caused by negligence.
The user shall prepare enough compressed air (the user engaged in large-scale production is recommended to provide screw air compressor). Water and oil shall be removed before the compressed air enters the pneumatic components of the equipment, so as to ensure dry compressed air, without impurities.

• Cooling medium & Refrigeration

The user shall choose applicable refrigeration mode and cooling medium according to local climate. The air cooling mode is recommended as refrigeration mode in countries and regions where the outdoor temperature is below 0℃ all the year round; while the water cooling mode is recommended as refrigeration mode in countries and regions where the outdoor temperature is over 0℃ all the year round.
Each country has different requirements on environmental protection, so the allowable model of cooling medium will be specified usually, the user must tell the model of the cooling medium in advance.


3.Who are g&d ?

g&d Industry choice

We are Glory Machinery Co.,Ltd. A company engaged in the manufacture of chocolate machinery.You can call us g&d. The g&d is devoted to construct one-stop chocolate production service and technical support, covering the technology and service of chocolate grinding and processing, different advanced chocolate molding, chocolate packaging and interface automation, chocolate mold, chocolate testing and manufacturing, chocolate baking equipment set and chocolate one shot jelly.
Value concept
The R&D of g&d is not just limited in Technology.
Following the core value of “Create the ideas, Realize the market-populars, For products and users”, the g&d takes the realization and perfecting of the technology seriously as well as puts a higher premium on the product market. The product R&D team of the g&d and the complete chocolate industrial chain offers the users more valuable products IP services and manufacture tests.
Every year, the g&d will launch the new kinds of chocolates, providing the users with more product ideas and market testing to lower the technical and market risks on new product R&D.
The protection of the user’s product IP originality is taken seriously by the g&d. The g&d’s value and principle is to protect the creative product from every user.


4.g&d's manufacturing strength

​​As a company with a complete industrial chain, our years of experience in production, sales and service provide customers with a reassuring experience.When you are making chocolate you will have your own special recipe that makes your chocolate products unique. No matter whether you are a small scale craftsman or you are developing an industrial scale production facility, there are technologies that can help you improve. Chocolate making equipment for all sizes and tastes.Compared with European manufacturers, our products are similar in technology and more affordable. Of course, we are confident that we can use advanced technology to save more energy for our customers.Other advantages include the following:

​​ Gain Recognition By European Users

The machine parformance and quality of g&d have been gained recobnition by European and American users, like Nestle China, Hershey China. England. Portugal and USA users ect., we make progress constantly by their machine requirements users can also benfit a lot.

​​ Advanced Technology And More Modular Machines

The advanced structure design and adaptive modular design of g&d have more value for chocolate lines. Now g&d owns 50 functional modules and nearly 300 production line combinations in one shot,decoration,max-mixture,coldpress and multi-function etc.

​​ Excellent Solution Provider

g&d has successfully provided chocolate production solutions for Nestle China, it also has complete auto production solution for Kinder Cereals, Kitkat and other similar products etc.

​​ Complete Chocolate Industry Chain

g&d has complete chocolate industry chains, it can provide users with complete equipment, product IP, mold design, production test and technical training etc.

​​ Near Deep Water Port

g&d are in Ningbo, adjacent to Ningbo Port. And have a wealth of export experience and can save a lot of time.

5.g&d development impact on the development of the industry

The CNC depositing

Differing from the overall CNC movement depositing technology of Swiss chocolate, g & d adopts a handy depositing concept, which is a bold technological innovation, and has been accepted widely by users from Europe, United States, South Korea and Japan.
g&d uses the depositing distribution plate weighting only 5kg, rather than the depositing components of more than 200 kg overall motion, which allows a significant reduction in energy consumption, the improvement of the movement reliability, the long-term stability of the depositing precision as well as the substantial reduction of use cost. g & d is the inventor and patent owner of this technology, which has been applied by more than 100 users worldwide.
Since insulation is the only thing users worry about, g&d has solved this problem by using superior insulation technology. The CNC depositing can be well adapted to the production of pure chocolate.

6.What practical benefits does g&d's products bring to customers?



Production line

Thanks to g&d modular technology, the unique advantages of the production line have reached real value.The following specific benefits can be seen in our advantages:
​​ Architecture
Advanced architecture design and flexible functional combination of production line:

• ​​Module

50 adaptive modular devices with advanced functions.

​​ Combination

Combination of nearly 300 production lines with different functions.

​​ Energy Consumption

50% drop than similar equipment.

• ​​Land Occupation

Only 1/2 land occupation of similar equipment.

​​ Intelligent

Single unit can conduct both independent operation and collaborative intelligent operation.


Improvement of productivity is important to every user, so what shall we do to improve our capacity? In the normal production line, the following measures can be taken to improve productivity:

​​ Product Layout

More improvement of productivity depends of more product layout in the mold. Improvement of mold layout quantity is the first way to improve the productivity;

​​ Parameter Optimization

In the case of applicable productivity, a single unit shall not become a bottleneck for productivity of production line. Optimization of the single unit (with the lowest efficiency) in the production line is the second way to improve the productivity;

​​ Mold Continuity

Waiting time of equipment is the key reason for waste of productivity, so uninterrupted use of equipment is the third way to improve the productivity.


Stability of equipment mainly depends on maturity of equipment to a large extent, and also depends on correct care and maintenance of equipment.The following behaviors contribute to the stability of the device:

​​ Reliable Equipment

The engineer will test the reliability of equipment in the test factory, and collect all feedbacks to equipment problems from users, and then improve the reliability of the equipment to improve the equipment in time to ensure its reliability;

​​ Proper Use

The engineer will teach the operator to operate the equipment properly and teach applicable trouble-shooting method. It is also very important for the user to have stable operators;

​​ Timely Maintenance

Timely maintenance of equipment can reduce any unnecessary loss, we will tell the operator the key maintenances during the training period, and provide equipment maintenance manual. Good communications between the users and the engineers during the training is very important.

Remote Service

In case of failure of equipment, how to solve the problem of equipment immediately in absence of engineer on site? Please contact Whatsapp, QQ or WeChat of our after-sale department.And we can help you instantly from the following aspects:

​​ Problem Diagnosis

Through remote video service, our after-sale department can conduct a real-time observation on equipment operation, and the engineer will judge the problem of equipment;

​​ Solution Guide

The engineer will provide guidance for solving problems, and help the user to solve the problem about equipment;

• ​​Remote Control

If the software has any problems, you may solve it by remote online with the engineer.
7.g&d has been looking forward to your joining on the road
Welcome more chocolate equipment agency to know more about g&d and advertise the g&d. Let more chocolate manufacturers utilize the technology and equipment from the g&d and work together to promote the global chocolate industry creating and developing,
Owning the technical R&D centre, high-quality equipment manufacturing factory and complete chocolate industrial chain and complementing the advantages with the agency to mutual benefit to achieve win-win, the g&d has more and more extensive cooperation with the global chocolate equipment agencies.

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