Pre-cooling Tunnel(Horizontal)

Chocolate Cooling Tunnel

Pre-cooling Tunnel(Horizontal)
Chocolate Cooling Tunnel Series
No. Product Running Speed Power  Weight Dimension
D1 Pre-cooling Tunnel(Horizontal) ≤12 mould/min 5.3 Kw 950.0 Kw 2.3m*1m*2.5m
D2 Final cooling Tunnel(Horizontal) ≤12 mould/min 15.2 Kw 2350.0 Kw 8.3m*1m*2.4m
D3 Pre-cooling Tunnel(Vertical) ≤12 mould/min 5.3 Kw 950.0 Kw 2.3m*1m*2.5m
D4 Final cooling Tunnel(Vertical) ≤12 mould/min 15.2 Kw 1850.0 Kw 6.3m*1m*2.4m
D5 Large Final cooling Tunnel(Vertical) ≤24 mould/min 27.5 Kw 3120.0 Kw 12.6m*1m*2.4m

Equipment Overview

The pre-cooling tunnel is applicable for product pre-cooling, which is featured by multi-layer translational motion, small covering area, energy saving of more than 30%, advanced equipment control system, visible display and easy operation.

Equipment Description

Pre-cooling Tunnel [Type: SD-40A]

  Translational design;

  Mold quantity: 40 pcs;

  Energy-saving of more than 30%;

  Running speed: ≤10molds/min.;

  Water cooling or wind cooling;

  Auto start or stop due to machine failure;

  Small covering area.

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