Workshop Conditions & Process Requirements

Workshop Conditions:

The temperature and humidity of the workshop are important conditions for chocolate production, the typical chocolate workshop temperature is 18℃~22℃ and humidity is below 50%.

The user may decide whether to install air conditioner and dehumidifier according to the regional climate and workshop conditions, so as to get temperature and humidity required by chocolate production.

If workshop of raw materials is near the production line, the user is recommended to separate the whole production line to ensure the stability of control of temperature and humidity.

The Filling Materials:

Fineness of chocolate shell must be less than 30um and filtered uniformly without impurities. Maltodextrin, starch and other compounds shall not be filled into materials, so as to ensure normal operation of the piston system.

Fineness of filling material of chocolate shall be less than 30um. No granule and water shall be contained. Specific gravity of chocolate shall be closer to chocolate, so that the filling material will not float or sink.

Decoration Materials:

Fineness of decoration materials shall be less than 25um, the materials shall be filtered to remove all impurities before entering the hopper of the decoration depositor. No significant sediment is required after a stop for 24 hours.

Mixed Material:

Almost no requirement is made on chocolate paste of mixed products. The mixed granules shall be crisp and hard granules (e.g. nuts, dried fruits, crispy rice) with diameter of less than 12mm.

The mixture depositor shall be applicable soft granules such as raisins with diameter of less than 6mm, otherwise it will not work properly. The risk of product shelf life shall be considered if the user selects dried fruits with high moisture content.

Electricity & Compressed Air

The user shall inform the power standard applicable in the user’s country in advance, so that electrical components applicable for local power standard will be provided for equipment to avoid any unnecessary delay or loss. If electrical accessories are required, the user’s electric power standard is also required to indicated to avoid any accidental damage caused by negligence;

The user shall prepare enough compressed air (the user engaged in large-scale production          is recommended to provide screw air compressor). Water and oil shall be removed before the compressed air enters the pneumatic components of the equipment, so as to ensure dry compressed air, without impurities.

Cooling medium & Refrigeration

The user shall choose applicable refrigeration mode and cooling medium according to local climate. The air cooling mode is recommended as refrigeration mode in countries and regions where the outdoor temperature is below 0℃ all the year round; while the water cooling mode is recommended as refrigeration mode in countries and regions where the outdoor temperature is over 0℃ all the year round.

Each country has different requirements on environmental protection, so the allowable model of cooling medium will be specified usually, the user must tell the model of the cooling medium in advance.



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