Why Handiness depositing technology is better.

Why Handiness depositing technology is better.
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Differing from the overall CNC movement depositing technology of Swiss chocolate, g & d adopts a handy depositing concept, which is a bold technological innovation, and has been accepted widely by users from Europe, United States, South Korea and Japan.


g&d uses the depositing distribution plate weighting only 5kg, rather than the depositing components of more than 200 kg overall motion, which allows a significant reduction in energy consumption, the improvement of the movement reliability, the long-term stability of the depositing precision as well as the substantial reduction of use cost. g & d is the inventor and patent owner of this technology, which has been applied by more than 100 users worldwide.


Since insulation is the only thing users worry about, g&d has solved this problem by using superior insulation technology. The CNC depositing can be well adapted to the production of pure chocolate.


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