One Shot Line(Putting nuts)

One Shot Chocolate Line

One Shot Line(Putting nuts)
One Shot Series
  Depositing Speed Moulds Power  Cooling Water Tower Dimension
No.1.1 6-12 moulds/min(based on mould layout) 350 sets 32.5 Kw ≥15 T 12.9m* 1.3m* 2.4m
No.1.2 6-12 moulds/min(based on mould layout) 350 sets 34.0 Kw ≥15 T 14.4m* 1.3m* 2.5m
No.1.3 3-6 moulds/min(based on mould layout) 400 sets 40.0 Kw ≥15 T 18.3m* 1.3m* 2.6m
No.1.4 12-20 moulds/min(based on mould layout) 600 sets 41.0 Kw ≥15 T 17.9m* 1.3m* 2.4m

One Shot Line(Putting nuts) (Type: OS2)

1.      Capacity: ≤500kg/h
2.      Filling volume: ≤80%
3.      Nuts-feeding or other functions
4.      Can be upgraded to decoration
5.      Demold and pack into box automatically.
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